Into the Ark is two male duo singers participating in the Voice. The duo are currently preparing for the Voice UK Live final!

However, I am currently in oar that it was extremely unfair towards the other contestants coming up against a duo as two voices are better than one.

I have no clue why they let a duo participate as I am against this by all means.

I will now give you reasons why Into The Ark shouldn't win!

When it was the contestant vs contestant week, a poor lady just had to face into the ark, two good looing males against one woman! When it came to the night, I thought the woman was a whole lot better than them as Into The ark sound like an ongoing stereo tape!

No other than the notorious judge Tom Jones just had to pick into the ark to go through leaving the poor lady helpless and upset.

I never quite got why into the ark want to win as they have no heart-warming story or family related story as why they want to win.

Into the ark have an upper hand to everyone else as if one person sings out of tune the other one can cover but the singular participant can only hope for the best.

Into the ark just seem like a selfish bunch that are fighting continuously to just get the win under their belt.

There you have it, reasons why into the ark should not win, and be sure not to vote for them! Vote for Mo or Michelle instead!